Wellbeing Resources

As we are all aware coronavirus COVID-19 is consuming news coverage around the world and many countries have been announcing closures of public facilities and lockdowns. It is a constantly changing situation and continuing to follow the updated guidance being provided, is an important way we can all minimize the likelihood of getting infected and spreading the virus.

With so much uncertainty, it is understandable that our anxiety levels may be rising. Having family and friends in more affected areas is also likely to increase anxiety levels.  Though there are currently few diagnosed cases in Okinawa, we may also feel anxious about our own situations. Being separated from family and friends or difficulty accessing information due to language barriers can further exacerbate feelings of anxiety or perceived lack of control. Whilst feelings of anxiety and worry are normal, there are many ways that we can manage this anxiety and help ourselves. Simple steps such as finding ways to stay connected to friends and family, maintaining routines and managing our consumption of news about the coronavirus can all help to reduce our anxiety levels. 


There are some useful websites that people can access that provide information and advice about taking care of your psychological wellbeing during these difficult times. The ones that we would recommend include:


It is also important to talk to your children about coronavirus and reassure them as lots of children will be picking up on other’s anxiety around them and things they hear being discussed.  Some good websites for supporting children with worries and questions about coronavirus include:

?If you would like to talk more to someone from the Ganjuu Wellbeing Service please do email us on ganjuu@oist.jp or pop in and see us in our new location, Lab 4 (level C) to make an appointment. With Kaori Itokazu having returned from childcare leave, we are able again to provide services in both English and Japanese. We are also able to provide services remotely by Zoom or Microsoft Teams and in the event of OIST closing we will continue to provide a service.


Useful posters for additional guidance