Working From Home and Taking Leave

This information applies only to those affected by school closures and exceptional medical circumstances.

Exceptional Medical Circumstances

There are some categories of staff (over 65 years old, or with pre-existing medical conditions) for whom work-from-home is vital now, given their heightened vulnerability in the event of infection with SARS-CoV-2.

This requires approval from three parties – your manager (who is responsible for work assignment and supervision), the occupational physician (who has a duty to ensure the health and safety of all OIST colleagues) and HR (who are required to ensure proper administration of the employment agreement and secure compliance with all relevant labor laws and regulations in Japan.)

We need colleagues who are allowed to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic because of their age or medical circumstances to follow these steps:

1. Obtain a medical certificate confirming that you have a medical condition that makes you more vulnerable in the event of COVID-19 infection.
2. Contact HR Management to obtain the Request for Working from Home Form.
3. Submit this completed form and your medical certificate to your Manager.
4. Your Manager will assess, and discuss with you, the suitability of work to be performed from home, and the duration agreed (maximum of a 1-month period per application).
5. You will then send your form and medical certificate to the OIST Health Center for their assessment.
6. Once you have received documented approval from your Manager and the OIST Health Center on your Request for Working from Home Form, submit this form to HR Management, who will review it and seek approval from VP HR.
7. HR will then inform you of the outcome.

Please note that if home working approval is renewed beyond one month, paid transportation allowance will be removed, in accordance with OIST policy, until you resume commuting to your permanent contracted place of work (the OIST campus).


Home Quarantine

Notice: If working from home is due to home quarantine, staff must download this form and update it daily so that it can be submitted upon request. Overtime is not permitted while staff work from home


Essential Personal Travel

You may use special leave, as approved by your manager, for essential, work-related personal travel such as a visa renewal.


HR and IT General Guidelines

Information for managers on working arrangements, including childcare during school closure and special leave are updated under:
【To Managers】Guidance for Special Leave and Work from Home over COVID-19

Information on HR, IT and information security requirements for work from home has been combined and will continue to be updated under:
Working Off-Campus (Remote Work)


August 13, 2020 IT Update: 
Based on experience and feedback, IT Division has worked to improve its remote work (home work) services and guidance.

Administrative staff are now eligible to use VDI on personal laptops and desktops to access OIST IT services, provided their device meets all information security requirements and they request and obtain approval.  Access to any OIST services on personal devices other than via approved use of VDI remains prohibited. Please throughly read the remote work guidance and request access to VDI as appropriate. (* Up to 40 users may use this VDI service at the same time.)

Please remain vigilant of information security. We are all responsible for ensuring the safety and integrity of OIST information assets and data. Please read and familiarize yourself with the information security guidance: Please also be sure to follow the guidance from Financial Management and Buildings and Facilities Management Divisions on asset security, ensuring the safety of your devices and data.